Sunday, August 15, 2010

10,000 Calorie Saturday

Yesterday, the book club convened at Amica's summer residence in Halbturn. Apart from missing our two Bs and the fact that K. had to leave earlier, it was the perfect Saturday. In the course of a little more than 7 hours, we ate copious amounts of food. I'm really not exaggerating. As an aperitif, we got prosecco with lots homemade lemon sorbet (yum, yum!). The starter was salad with goat cheese, followed by gigantic stuffed peppers (the ketchup bottle in the background is for the fries the kids had, in case you were wondering):
stuffed peppers (onemorehandbag)Then we got what we call "Somlauer Nockerl" in German (Somloi Galuska), a kind of Hungarian trifle and not exactly the most light of desserts.

When she arrived with the coffee a little later, Amica also produced a tray with not one butTWO kinds of homemade biscuits:
cookies (onemorehandbag)Wait...there's more. When we got back from a little walk, we got freshly made strawberry ice-cream (divine!), followed by a dinner of Italian antipasti. Although I was dangerously close to exploding I couldn't resist a piece of the original Zaunerstollen (orgasmic!) K. had brought as a gift for the hostess.

Oh, and we got sent home with a jar of apricot jam (homemade, what else) each.

I suppose Sunday will be mainly devoted to digesting.


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