Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've recently made a new make-up discovery: Maybelline's inexpensive MNY drugstore range. All items cost only € 1.95 and are really good quality. I've so far tested 3 different (picture below taken before I bought another, purple, one this morning) eyeshadows and 2 nail polishes. The left one is actually a bright pink, even though it looks red on the picture: 
Maybelline MNY (onemorehandbag)I can usually resist on the lipstick and lipgloss front, but I could SO raid the nail polish and eyeshadow rack without a problem. Very tempting, don't you think?  Picture taken at a DM*: 
MNY display (onemorehandbag)
I also find the package design very appealing and upmarket-looking. I actually became aware of this new line via an ad in a magazine. Interestingly, however, the marketing guys from Maybelline seem to have forgotten to create a website for MNY or include it on the official Maybelline one. Unless, of course I've been too dumb to find it...

*PS: I checked in a BIPA today, but they don't seem to sell the MNY goodies so head for your local DM if you're planning on stocking up.


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