Monday, July 05, 2010

Stuffy Office or Lake? Hmmm, Tough Decision.

After a long weekend in KLU which included 3 short visits to the lake, I so wished I was still there when my body temperature was close to meltdown level at work today. And, yes, we do have airconditioning, but I'm not particularly fond of the a.c. unit in my room which is mounted on the ceiling and tends to blow cold air right onto my shoulders and neck.

I should use this picture as a screensaver. Or maybe not as it could prove detrimental to morale.
Despite 7/8 of the carpark having been blocked because of the anual Ironman contest that took place on Sunday (why, oh why do my visits to KLU always coincide with some kind of event that causes major disruptions and obstacles around the lake?), we managed to park our car within walking distance and to reach Strandbad before it closed for the day - yay!
One of Wörther See's claims to fame is that it is of drinking water quality, not that I'd actually want to bottle the water and guzzle it, but still...
I'll definitely be back for other (long) weekends this summer, to be "booked" at short notice to make sure it (probably) won't rain.


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