Thursday, May 18, 2006

in full swing

swinging (onemorehandbag) ...I am not and neither is the weather. "They" promised us 26° for today but since I neglected to probe and ask which tiny part of this city was going to be blessed with such undeservedly summery temperatures I can't really be disappointed that I will be needing my brolly again tonight, can I? Just as well I've arranged a cinema-with-subsequent-visit-to-the-ice-cream-parlour date with an *old* university friend for tonight and didn't get it into my head to check out one of the new city beaches or other open-air hot spots.

Let me tell you though who is in full swing. It's our charming new civil servant robot boss who has been effervescing with brainwaves from the word "go". You wouldn't think it of him, his grumpy red-tapeish disguise being quite clever and deceiving, but this man is a cornucopia of ...ahem...brilliant ideas. Or something.
Anyway. With two colleagues being on vacation, my workload has somwhat triplicated, not that I'm complaining.

Lunch-break purchases: None today but yesterday I bought a very nice pair of blue-hlack pinstripe cotton/linen trousers from H&M which I am already wearing today.


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