Monday, May 02, 2022

Back to Office

Last week I spent 3 days (partly) at the office and will again this week. And by "office" I mean the actual brick-and-mortar one. As I have mentioned, I am currently enjoying my freshly recovered super immunity (until a new VOC comes along) so I don't mind being in (more or less) crowded rooms with people whose "infection status" I have no idea of. It's as if a switch has been flipped and everyone is on "whatevs"-mode, pretending it's 2019 again with one exception: everyone - at least at our company - apparently has decided to squeeze their team workshops into April and May and since I am one one of few internal people who are friendly and willing to facilitate them, I have had many requests, partly at very short notice, by people imploring me to help them as I am apparently their last resort and/or facilitator of choice. While I sometimes do feel flattered I often don't see my added value and am trying to get them to do it themselves. It may be a wise decision to seize the moment (of relatively low infection rates) and get all the creative brainstorming and teambuilding out of one's system but it's pretty intense even though I really like this part of my job. Only 3 more months until my so-called mini-sabbatical will start, i.e. I will have all of August off. Can't wait!


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