Monday, January 03, 2022


I am currently enjoying the second week of my long (much needed) winter break. Unlike most of my colleagues, who often use their work phone privately as well, mine will remain in hibernation and my out of office reply therefore also doesn't invite people to "text me if the matter is urgent and I will call you back". My work laptop will likewise remain switched off. My manager has repeatedly complimented (aka actually criticised) me on how admirable it is that I manage to draw borders and to compartmentalise my work and private life, but I honestly need to do this for my own sanity and in order to get the full benefit of time off. I know from discussions with friends and colleagues that some people find the idea stressful that they might come back to an exploding inbox and they have found that they can enjoy their vacation time only if they take an occasional peek at their e-mail, but I belong to the other camp that would find it stressful to switch back and forth, knowing that certain people will absolutely take advantage of seeing your status as "green" and jump at you with requests that "will just take 2 seconds since you're online" just as you are about to close your laptop again. It might seem odd and not in line with company culture, but for me, annual leave is the time when you are supposed to recharge your batteries and think of anything else but work, even if said work is not actually super stressful and you get on well with your colleagues and superior, as is absolutely the case with me. I need to uplug and am happy that when this post goes live I have another week of me-time to look forward to. 


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