Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Vintage Fashion - Marimekko and Lace

I was in KLU for the weekend to pick up Flocki whom I had left with my parents before Easter and of course to visit them and deliver my souvenirs from Japan. Well, as usual I did not return empty-handed either and not did I get a new dress that Mum had sewn me, but she also altered an old one that my granny had made for me some years ago plus conjured up two more things that I really like. 

The first one is a skirt she made out of an impossibly tight - she was very slim in her youth - dress the short sleeves of which my sumo-wrestler arms would instantly have ripped apart. The (cotton) fabric is by Marimekko and was actually purchased in Finland which my parents visited when they were still at university. I love the pattern:
The second one was a surprise. When we were in Milan together she noticed me picking up several silk blouses with lace collars at Massimo Dutti and got the idea to combine a piece of lace made by a great-aunt with a floaty sleeveless blouse she sewed. I think the finished piece is really cool:
Even though I benefit from my Mum's creativity I also feel guilty that my own sewing machine is gathering dust and it will probably be a while (read: decade) until I create something out of the beautiful fabrics I bought in Japan. You want to see them? Well, here they are:
Cotton and silk (vintage kimono patches) swatches plus indigo fabric stickers.


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