Friday, April 06, 2012

Hello, Dotty!

When I was in KLU, my Mum - undisputed Queen of innovative textile recycling - asked me to take a look at some clothes she had dragged out from "the archives" and try them on for size, because they were in fashion again. Well, their fabric at least, if not the cut. Take this polka-dotted silk blouse which my late great-aunt, a dressmaker, sewed for me together with a beige suit when I was at university. These days, the size would be labelled XXL. It wasn't that I was considerably fatter back then, it was just that everything was worn much baggier:

Doesn't it turn me into a frumpy granny instantly? I do love the fabric, though, so Mum is going to take the parts of the blouse apart and turn it into a tighter-fitting one.

I did love the skirts, which both fit me. We couldn't really remember/agree if it was Mum or me who wore them first time round. I also really like the sleeveless cotton blouse with eyelet embroidery, a vintage piece from Mum's wardrobe, and intend to wear it this summer:


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