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In general, Austria is a pretty developed country and it's not that we're really lacking any modern conveniences or don't have access to the lastest technical gadgets. However, when it comes to certain niche products or brands that simply don't deliver to our small banana republic, all you can do is be jealous of the priviledged members of the gated community and wait until you're graciously sent an invite do their members-only club.

Before you're wondering what sophisticated product this long intro was about, let me manage your expectations and remind you that I'm a superficial person, me. What I am talking about is beauty boxes. If you have no idea what those are, this video might give you a better idea. Basically, it is a monthly subscription to a parcel filled with beauty products both of mainstream and niche brands that typically comes in a pretty box of the kind that makes you feel guilty for all the packaging, if you're a militant paper recycling-fiend like I am.

As a regular reader of beauty/shopping blogs and addict of make-up related videos on YouTube, I've known about Birchbox and its sisters for quite some time and was annoyed that none of them delivered to Austria. When I returned to Vienna after my three months in Sydney, I was thrilled to find out that one of those, Glossybox , had made it to Austria in the meantime and immediately subscribed. I don't know what took them so long, but my first box was the March edition and it arrived in the very last week of the month. Apart from the contents, I was really looking forward to the "opening ceremony", too. Come on, who doesn't like getting parcels?
Dusty pink and black - not leaving out any girly clichés, are we?
I was not disappointed: the box was full of really useful stuff:
I gave the St. Charles bath salts to my mum as I'm not particularly fond of the scent of lily of the valley, but I would have found it bearable enough for a soak as well.

I'm already looking forward to April's goodies, but don't worry, I won't bore you with each month's box from now on.


Anonymous pin said...

Wow, have never heard of sth like that! And how much is a monthly fee? Looks nice ... please bore us every month!!! ;)

4/04/2012 08:51:00 AM  

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