Thursday, November 24, 2011

Predictably Enough

...I did not return empty-handed from last night's Christmas shopping event. I actually heard about it on the radio, so I should blame them for my little spree. Westfield is a chain of upmarket shopping malls that have apparently hit London as well (I saw an ad in last month's UK Marie Claire) The mall in Bondi Junction has several floors. Here's a little peek:
I didn't queue up for the free champagne, nor avail of the free gift advisory service (as if I needed shopping advice...), but headed straight for the shops I was interested in. Similar to good (?) old Lugner City at home, which also regularly runs days with discounts in all shops, most stores offered a one-day-only discount of 10-30%. This was particularly cool in the case of covetable brands that I've ever only seen full-price and exempt from offers in department stores so far, such as Australian swimwear brand Seafolly. I was determined to buy a bikini here as Australian brands are said to be the best in terms of longevity and UV-protection in addition to really cool styles. On my first excursion to the beach I saw a girl wearing this bikini and decided to track it down:
It is a really good cut and fits me well (unless the mirror was seriously rigged). The shop also had it in a sort of demure navy ("denim") as well, which was beautiful, too, but I decided the loud purple was more "me". Demure I am not, after all. It was -15%, which might not sound like a lot, but amounted to $ 18.

Another Australian brand I really like is Marcs. I could easily buy the whole summer collection, but bought only one top (20% off) which looks rather boring in the photo, but actually looks really nice in real life, with the tan colour matching the ballet flats I got (see two posts down). I intend to pair it both with the blue skinny jeans and my off-white linen trousers. Obviously, this will be confined to the back of the wardrobe once I'm back home. It's a very soft viscose and I deliberately got it in "large" as it looked better slouchy than tight.
Last, but not least, I got my Mimco-craving out of the system. I had been drooling over this patent leather/rose gold tote for weeks and thought 30% off might give me the incentive to grab it. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the metal closure was really scratched on most bags and even if the new ones come with a protective plastic sticker I wasn't too keen anymore as they'd probably be scratched the day after I take it off at home. In the end, I just wanted to get something and settled for a small pouch I find quite classy:
I promise the next photos I'll upload here won't be shopping related. Unless another shopping event crosses my path, that is...


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