Friday, January 28, 2011

Not Superstitious

Some people are shocked if you wish them "Happy Birthday" before the actual day. I'm clearly not one of those and so (in addition to a combined Christmas/birthday pressie by Prefab Babe I got 2 weeks ago) have happily accepted gifts for my birthday tomorrow already earlier this week. Such as a gorgeously wrapped "beauty kit" by the Mermaid who's obviously concerned about my appearance and has decided to invest in potent maintenance products: 

Yesterday, I had lunch with Amica whose generous offerings included this pretty (and very fragrant!) bouquet ("Wow, that's a wedding bouquet!" the Scholar exclaimed) and vase: 
So, even though I'm still only a juvenile   childish 38, I've already been spoilt for 2 birthdays. Liking it!

UPDATE: I wrote this post yesterday. When I came to work this morning, I was puzzled to see the blinds of the window right next to my desk down. Hmmm? Perhaps the cord is broken? When I opened the door, I knew why the blinds were drawn: to hide the garlands and HAPPY BIRTHDAY bunting all over my desk. I was as surprised as I was touched! Nice job, guys.


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