Monday, March 29, 2010

After Sausage Hours

no sausages here (onemorehandbag)
I don't know about you, but I whenever I go skiing and take a lunch break in high altitude, I usually eat and drink the same: frankfurt sausages with mustard and a roll, and a hot lemonade. Recently, I've switched to apple spritzer, as I've had too many nasty experiences with acidic lemon substitutes and lukewarm water. In any case, I always tend to go for the sausages, no matter what. Having already had a really delicious Kaiserschmarren the previous day, I was looking forward to my "Würsti" on Saturday. The noisy (think DJ who likes to change the chorus of Cindy Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun to an incredibly inspired "girls just wanna have fuck". Yes indeed) but chic Schnaps-Hans looked promising, food-wise.

But said that frankfurters and toasted sandwiches (my other safe bet) were only available before 12 and after 3 p.m. Hugh?

the menu to prove it (onemorehandbag)
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When the lederhosen-clad waiter appeared to take orders, the Empress was brave enough to say she wanted sausages. "Not before three", he snapped and pointed to the menu. "Erm, well, I read that", she said, "but I was hoping this rule was somewhat flexible". "No, they wouldn't give me any before three", he replied. We were speechless and told him we'd need some more time to search for an alternative. I ended up eating the most disgusting Kaiserschmarren of my life, but still did not understand the purpose of this rule. One colleague thought it was to keep groups of children away at rush hour, another thought they just wanted to pitch the more expensive dishes. Guesses are welcome.

We had a similarly bizarre experience with a waitress at an outdoor bar in downtown Zell am See, but I'll spare you that.

All in all, these negative tourist-rip-off experiences did not succeed in spoiling the overall fun factor, nor the amazing panorama:

beautiful snow (onemorehandbag)(All pictures taken with my Nexus One.)


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