Monday, July 06, 2009

Orange Raspberry Friday

On Friday, my first order from Brands4Friends (aka Brands4PeoplewithPatience) finally arrived. Among other things, I had ordered a childish but cute bag saying "Wonderbär" from the German label Adelheid - handy as a sports bag, for example:
orange Friday (onemorehandbag) On Friday evening after work, the Empress, the Gazelle and I went for an after business drink at Huth's Bierbeisl, next door to our former "canteen", da Moritz. It was quite nice and as you do in a beer place (if you are us), we ordered anything but, the Empress and myself going for a raspberry lemonade in a funny bottle that was just as sticky-sweet as it looks in the picture. Nevertheless, we were as giddy as if we had downed a keg of beer each.


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