Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I've Always Favoured the ORs

When Michael Jackson's death was announced in the media last Friday, I was totally ... unperturbed. Whereas other famous people's deaths have really shocked me, whether I liked them while they were alive, or not, I somehow never expected MJ to live to an old age, too excentric and OTT was his life.
Besides, I've never been a fan of his music. Granted, he WAS a very talented singer and arguably, live performer (if you like studded leather gloves and suggestive gestures in the crotch area, that is), but at that decisive moment in my teens when it was of utmost importance to publicly declare your tastes to your peers in order to know exactly what group to belong to, he was not my choice. Back then, when lists were cirulated in the classroom or you had endless discussions about your preferences on the bus, I seemed to always prefer the "or" options of any list:
Michael Jackson OR Prince
Madonna OR Cindy Lauper
Nena OR Herbert Grönemeyer
"seawashed" (as we called it) OR stonewashed jeans
moped OR Vespa
etc, etc


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