Thursday, June 18, 2009

4 Ladies and the Third Man

On Tuesday night, MM and 2 other colleagues from Coma HQ picked me up to go to the Third Man Museum, which is run by another ex-employee of Coma HQ and currently hosts a special exhibition about the Third Man in Japan.

When I heard "private collection" my expectations weren't too high, I have to admit. I was more than suprised by this highly professional museum, complete with the original zither the soundtrack was played on, an impressive film projector from the 1930s (as we learned, cinemas would have used pre-war equipment when the film was released in Vienna, where it flopped spectacularly, by the way) on which 2 minutes of the film are shown and a separate room is devoted to life in Vienna occupied by the allied forces with lots of impressive photos, IDs and a CARE package with authentic food cans. Being me, I had to buy some merchandising (plastic rats and a DVD of the film which I have not actually seen) products in the small "shop" area.
If you've seen all the better-known museums in Vienna, the Third Man Museum is definitely a recommendation!


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