Wednesday, June 03, 2009


On Whit Monday, my Mum suggested an excursion. My Dad was reluctant, or should I say "opinion-neutral", as usual and I have to admit I likewise didn't volunteer any destinations so she suggested a nice area of Slovenia she'd made a day-trip to once with a friend, or, alternatively, the two venues of the "Europe Exhibition 2009", St. Paul's Monastery and Bleiburg. I had never been to any of them, but eventually favoured the Carinthian options to catch up on my cultural heritage.
St. Paul im Lavanttal (onemorehandbag)

St. Paul's was very impressive indeed and the exhibition extremely interesting and professional.

Bleiburg, home of Werner Berg and Kiki Kogelnik was nice, too, but I've seen prettier small towns. I liked the Werner Berg Museum as such, but after the splendour of the other exhibition part, the paintings were almost an anti-climax, which is unfair as it is hard to compete with golden chalices, precious manuscripts and other sacral treasures:

Bleiburg & Werner Berg Museum (onemorehandbag)


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