Friday, May 22, 2009

Barcelona. Without Vicky and Christina

... but with my Mum, who gave me the trip as a birthday present. Despite forecasts of "heavy rain" we enjoyed glorious sunshine and despite numerous cautionary tales we did not get robbed. We unanimously agreed that we wouldn't have minded to stay some days longer.

The vibrant colours!
BCN colours (onemorehandbag) The stunning architecture!
BCN architecture (onemorehandbag) Even the ground was impressive to look at:

BCN floors (onemorehandbag) Plus, I love cities that have a beach...

Barceloneta beach (onemorehandbag)
Should you be planning to go there, I can recommend our hotel, which was affordable, yet stylish and conveniently located.

I found Barcelona a very "un-mediterranean" city in a good way - everything well-organised and in perfect condition. On the bus, the driver wouldn't let a young mother with her baby in a carrying sling get on until someone had offered her a seat. I don't know if he personally feared a lawsuit should a sudden breaking maneouvre cause mother and child to fall down or it was mandatory for "special needs" passengers to have a seat, but I found it interesting to watch and hyper-correct.
The only thing I was seriously underwhelmed by were the shoe stores. So many people had assured me that I'd be tempted to buy shoes by the dozen. This was not the case at all since every shop we entered seemed to stock the same chucks-esque sneakers and comfortable sandals that would have thrilled my Granny.

I realised again just how easily influenced I obviously am when I visit a foreign city where EVERYone wears the same outfit. It can be something I would normally detest, but by the end of my stay I'll have decided I must have it. It happened in New York when UGG boots suddenly grew on me after I had complained about them for years. In Barcelona it was leggings, which I had already despised first time round when I was a teenager and too fat to be seen in public with a pair of them even if I'd have worn colossal shoulder pads to balance them. After seeing hundreds of women of all ages wearing long tunic-style tops and dresses with leggings, I succumbed and bought a pair. If I will ever wear it in public remains to be seen, but still I had to give in to fashion-peer-pressure...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

team them up with the uggg(ly)s and you'll be fine!

5/23/2009 08:39:00 PM  
Blogger onemorehandbag said...

Hehehe, good suggestion, but a bit warm though.I'm not quite sure anyway if I'll subject the innocent public to my sausage legs in lilac leggings for fear of class action...

5/24/2009 10:11:00 AM  

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