Thursday, April 30, 2009


When I got home from a business trip in DE last night, I had a present in my postbox - a water bottle I had won in a competition, imprinted with the slogan " The best thirst quencher - Viennese water".
good Viennese water (onemorehandbag)I couldn't agree more. Most districts in Vienna, including the one where I live, get crystal-clear water from alpine springs, ice-cold from the tap. In many countries, people pay a lot of money for bottled water of a much inferior quality.

It was really good timing, too. As you know, a picture of me should be put in a dictionary next to the term "willing marketing victim". This time, it was the designer version of a soda maker. Several of my friends have had the earlier, plastic models of the Sodaclub range for years and while I have always been intrigued by the idea and in particular by the environmentally-friendly aspect (I do like fizzy mineral water occasionally), I disliked the machines and plastic bottles and didn't really fancy having one in my kitchen/on my dining table.

Not until I read this article in derStandard's RONDO supplement last Friday (sorry for the hazy photo). Glass bottles! Stainless steel! Sleek design!
marketing victim (onemorehandbag) Do I really need to mention that "the Penguin" has already landed in my kitchen?

the penguin has landed (onemorehandbag)

Anyone fancy a Viennese-Water-Party (with bubbles!) @ my place?


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