Thursday, April 16, 2009


#1 - not so much that I jinxed it with my recent praise of Flocki's good constitution, but that I had already noticed strange, i.e. loud noise when I drove in 4th or 5th gear on my way from Vienna and NOT mentioned it at the garage. See, I had applied my usual approach to health matters (what do I need to sit in a germ-infested doctor's waiting room for - if I pretend "it" doesn't exist, the symptoms will go away on their own accord. And they usually do) to a machine, thinking, "nah, it's probably just the winter tyres and what if they find something else (= i.e. expensive)". My Mum, who drove back to Vienna with me last night noticed the noise as well and commented "Your car sounds just like a plane ready for take-off". Hmmm. Cue: sleepless night, flagellating myself for missing the opportunity to mention it to the mechanics. This morning I called them and the phone diagnosis was "its probably the wheel bearings". As the date of my next KLU visit is uncertain and I don't want to chance being ripped off by a garage here, I'll have the ÖAMTC guys take a look for the time being.
#2 - having a service engineer take a look at my dishwasher this morning (90 EUR for less than 10 minutes) and tell me that there was nothing wrong with the machine, but a calcified tap, which I had only recently taken to turn off after using the dishwasher. Duh.


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