Sunday, April 26, 2009

Circus in Town

Yesterday evening, I wanted to get a fix of urban culture and headed to the MQ, where I intended to visit this year's "Modepalast" fashion fair. Once there, the weather was still so nice and sunny that I changed my mind, not wanting to spend time indoors.
summer @ MQ 2009 (onemorehandbag) Instead, I walked to the first district and took some pictures of the crowds watching the various activities of the annual "Stadtfest" (city festival) that took place yesterday:

Stadtfest Wien 2009 (onemorehandbag) In front of the Hofburg, I bumped into a friend and his daughter. In parting, he said, "It's a pity you're here on your own!" "Not really," I replied, "it's not that I'm afraid on my own in town." Walking home, I thought about that remark and realised that I actually really enjoyed spending the greater part of Saturday on my own: going to the market, reading in the sun, just pottering about at home. A friend had forwarded me the event calendar of the MQ fashion fair and told me to get in touch should I want to go, but I had preferred not to commit myself and just see what I felt like doing.


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