Friday, May 01, 2009


Last Friday, the Empress, MC and I were enjoying our breakfast at the office when somehow our conversation swerved to a discussion about "today's youth". My colleagues are 10 and 8 years younger than me, but they also agreed that back in THEIR days, girls in particular didn't use language as foul when in company and didn't dress as unflattering as they do nowadays. Well, be that as it may, you certainly wouldn't have overheard conversations as these on the bus:
Teenager A: I'm telling you, last night I was, like, SO stressed out. I was chatting to this friend on Facebook when you kept distracting me with all your status updates and then this Ali guy wanted to become my friend.

Teenager B: I know! My computer was killing me. It was dead slow and I had to wait for the characters to come up one after the other on the screen.
TA: This Ali's German is brutal, really.
TB: Don't you know him?
TA: No. Never met him.
TB: I only have friends on Facebook whom I know in real live. It really ruins your profile if you have all those strangers. I have this friend who has 2 profiles: one with people he actually knows, the other with loads of people he just added or who added him.
TA: I don't mind. I want to ad an American next.
TB: What for?
TA: Well, to learn English of course.
Friday evening. Another teenager, her skin tanned to a scary mahogany hue, to her friend: "What are we gonna do tonight? I don't just want to go to the tanning salon again."


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