Tuesday, June 02, 2009

In a Murderous Mood. Yet Again

Disclaimer: This is a post with lots of italics, bold print and exclamation marks.
Turned up at the garage at 08:00 sharp this morning to have Flocki's wheel bearings changed and have him serviced while I was at it.

At 11 I get a phone-call to tell me that the service has just been completed but the rear bearings are are a) broken and b) not on stock. Ex - cuse me? I made the appointment to replace the broken rear bearings to on April 20, stressing the fact that I need to know if it was all set and arranged as I need to take a day off work. "Yes, yes, June 2, all noted down". The guy (master mechanic) on the phone assured me. Hah, f****, hah!
After much deliberation I've decided to take the train back to Vienna and either have my Mum, who wanted to get the lift and had been looking forward to some days in Vienna, deliver it to me this weekend or pick it up myself at the next occasion.
The garage told me there was no problem and I could drive back to Vienna just fine but I don't like the idea of driving around any longer with something that's officially broken after I'd avoided all long and unneccessary drives in the past 6 weeks, postponing visits to relatives et al.
Otherwise, I'd have told them to stuff the spare parts somewhere in their private parts and have the job done in Vienna.
Everyone makes mistakes. Mine was not to call back on Friday at the latest to check if they had actually noted down my appointment and ordered the spare part.
Deeeep breath. My Mum said what Austrian mums like to say in just such a situation "you never know what it was good for" so let's hope I've either avoided a fatal crash on the motorway or will meet the man of my life in the train. Possibly both.

PS: It's 20:04 and the chances of the latter are rather slim unless he is trapped in the body of noisy a 15-year-old vocational student of which there seem to be hordes...


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