Wednesday, June 10, 2009


classic plastic (onemorehandbag) Last weekend, I inflated an orange stool that I'd put away the last 7 years and put it in front of my armchair (an "heirloom" from the Mermaid, who didn't want to take it to her new flat, re-upholstered by yours truly).

My parents bought the stool and its identical twin in Paris on their honeymoon in 1971. It is made of incredibly robust plastic (probably full of evil '70s toxins) that has survived years of me and my friends playing on and with it, a move to Vienna in 1990 and alternating periods of deflation and inflation. Now it's time for an airing again and apart from the fact that I love the colour orange, I think it is indeed a modern classic that deserves to be exhibited, if only to the handful of visitors to my apartment.


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