Friday, June 12, 2009

Feeling Blue - Glamorous Holiday Occupation

"So what are you doing on the bank holiday tomorrow?", people asked me on Wedneday. "Painting my loo", I replied, "provided the weather isn't nice and hot, then I'll go swimming instead." The weather obliged and so I finished the paint job I had started on Sunday, when I repainted the white parts of the ceiling and border:
some call it terracotta (onemorehandbag)

Yesterday, I covered the "terracotta" (that's what it said on the bucket anyway, a friend of mine said it looked like "piggy pink", more like) colour of the walls with a light blue I had mixed myself to go with the toilet seat and "accessories":

toilet, new and improved (onemorehandbag)
It looks a bit like a baby boy's bedroom now, but much bigger and lighter than before , so mission completed. I now have to use the same colour on the picture frame which clashes with the new "scheme".


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