Friday, March 31, 2006

tick, tock

While the media are berating the ever-decreasing birthrate in the Western world, my book club (well, 3 of its 7 members) is doing more than its share to boost statistics. This morning B1 sent out an e-mail to the girls, informing us that thanks to hormone treatment she managed to get pregnant (again) in January after many frustrating months of trying in vain and is now expecting twins. That will be the second set of twins for the Book of the Month Club and what with S1's second child to be born any day minute now there will be 8 candidates for BoMC-the-next-generation. Wow. Being not only child-less, but very much childish too, I had to take a deep breath and remind myself that mercifully the score is still 4:3 (non-Mums vs. "statistical deviants").

Lunch-break purchases: A scent for TD (my granny asked me to get him something for his birthday which was 2 weeks ago and it took him a while to make his mind up) and a t-shirt for the 4 (?) -months-old boy of friends we're visiting tomorrow afternoon.


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