Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spam of the Month

Every morning when I open my work e-mail, dozens of junk mails are waiting for me, usually offering me x-rated films, drugs without prescription, larger penises and things in Japanese I am probably better off not understanding anyway. Needless to say, I usually just add them to the blocked-senders-list and delete them. Yesterday, however, a mail with the subject "Gouranga" piqued my interest and, having made sure there were no evil attachments that could potentially make my computer self-destruct within 2 seconds, I opened it. This is what it said:

Call out Gouranga be happy...
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga
That which brings the highest happiness!

The sender was someone called "Neateye". A bit of googling confirmed that Mr. (?) Neateye really only seemed to have the best of intentions and wanted me to join the ranks of shiny happy people. I mean, who wants a penis-enlargement when you can get free Gouranga? And who actually spends hours at their computer spamming people with such messages without trying to sell anything to them? The mind boggles.

Lunch-break-purchases: Only groceries.


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