Wednesday, March 15, 2006

blondeness taking over...

After musing about "spiritual spammers" yesterday, I accidentally became a spammer of sorts myself today by sending the Austrian Embassy in Macedonia a huge photo showing TD, myself and another guest at a friend's wedding last May along with attachments of a more official nature...
I don't have a scanner at my desk so I asked a colleague to scan two documents for me. While the scanner was plugged in I thought she might as well scan a photo for me (it's one of those rare pictures where I actually like myself and find I look remotely humanoid) which she did. As I did not necessarily want the other gentleman on the photo, we cut him off and she said she'd send me both the original and the modified versions. Well, the e-mail arrived with 2 documents having no title, just "scan" and a number and a third one, called "TDandMe". Before forwarding the attachments to the Embassy in Skopje I duly deleted the latter, assuming the documents to be saved in separate files. Ten minutes later, my boss comes to my room with a huge grin, thanking me for sending the mal bcc to her but "there was no need to include a photo, even if it was a very nice one". One attachment contained both documents, the other the original photo. Ooops. I immediately sent out a second e-mail to explain.

Needless to say, this slip-up has been a source of great mirth for my colleagues and resulted in idle discussions whether I had already become the pin-up de jour of the diplomatic corps. The colleague who scanned the picture for me went into photoshop-overdrive and produced a postcard with blurred edges and balloons, writing "who wants me?" under my picture. Ah well, as long as it keeps the girls entertained and prevents them from falling asleep at their desks...
Lunch-break purchases: A guidebook for Paris as I seem to have misplaced (or lent to someone I can't remember) my old one.


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