Sunday, February 12, 2006

introducing Jamie Öztürk

When I came home on Thursday night, TD was busy preparing a light Mediterranean-Balkan-fusion dinner: instant Turkish tomato soup seasoned with ajvar sauce for some extra kick, served with feta cheese crumbled into it and fresh bread from a Turkish bakery I bought on the way home. When I walked into the kitchen I remarked "Wo-hey, Jamie Öztürk's at it again". He found it hilarious (note: Öztürk is a typical Turkish surname - and no, it's not TD's real one - a bit like Smith in the anglo-saxon world) and promptly donned the sexy sixpack-apron I'd bought at a market in Florence a couple of years ago. I took a photo and he has already published it on his site together with a post about Jamie Oliver's Turkish cousin. The title of the post translates to "Jamie Öztürk, stark naked chef" and the phonetic Turkish transcription of Jamie as Çeymi is actually not acurate as it should be "Ceymi". With the "Ç" it would be pronounced"Chamie", which is his way of slagging off the typical Austrian (not mine, I hasten to add) mispronounciation of voiced consonants in any language whatsoever. The cheek of him! Do check out the hot photo, though...

PS: My better half just read my post and urged me not to mislead my 2.5 readers. So. Mr. TD does not only make instant soup but his erm...fascinating culinary repertoire also includes various non-instant soups which are de-lish-ous. Ok. You may take the gun away from the back of my head now, darling.


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Good Girl!

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