Thursday, February 09, 2006

keeping things in perspective

Yesterday afternoon, some hours after my little emotional outburst, Amica called me on my mobile, crying. In all the 16 years I've known her, I've not once seen her loose her countenance. She, on the other hand, has had the dubious privilege of experiencing some of my trademark drama queen moments first hand. One spring day back in 1994 when we spent a year in Dublin together I accused her of being really cold and brutal (she'd criticised me for something I felt wasn't my fault) and stormed off in a huff worthy of a five-year old, sobbing inconsolably. In my defense I have to say that my nerves were somewhat on edge after having been dumped by an Irish fellow student not that long before. Anyway, the good girl spontaneously raided the tulip and daffodil beds in front of the Arts block of UCD and turned up on my door-step (we both lived on campus, but in different flats) with a bunch big enough to supply Fleurop for a week. Anyone observing the scene probably thought we were lovers what with all the passion and grand gestures involved. Later she apologized for having been mean to me and told me it was the first anniversary of her father's death. I was shocked that she hadn't told me what was bugging her, but that's Amica for you - not given to showing weakness, not even vis-à-vis her closest friends.
When I heard her sob into the phone, I immediately knew that something horrible must have happened and I also immediately suspected it was because of "the sick one" of her 5-month-old twins, knowing they'd gone to Linz (where apparently the best cardio unit for children is) for a check-up after C.'s open-heart surgery in November. Well, it turned out that there will have to be another one and although doctors told her it would only be a minor corrective operation, she was distraught, thinking about the last time when they were supposed to stay there for 2 weeks and in fact had to stay for a month. This is no piece of cake when you need to find someone to look after your firstborn (toddler) back in Vienna and when your husband has already used up all the nursing leave he had got. Logistic nightmare, never mind fears about possible complications. I did my best to comfort her and felt super stupid for having let hormones get the better of me and started blubbing at the next best stimulus.
Well, here at Drama Queen Ltd. things look much brighter anyway. Yesterday afternoon my boss successfully downloaded the Japanese sofware I needed which means that I can work on the website from my computer while the other one is now officially on its deathbed. When I got home last night I found that TD had ironed the pile of clothes and duvet covers that had been gathering dust already in a dark corner of the spare bedroom and had also made me (really yummy) toasted sandwiches. The sweetie! Thus fortified, I went out to meet a former colleague whom I hadn't seen since FCN's wedding last September.

Speaking of colleagues: my crazy extra-terrestrial roommate unceremoniously handed me my birthday present (remember - birthday was on January 29) earlier today. The Monday after my birthday when I was being spoilt with pressies from my other colleagues she hadn't even congratulated me. Today she handed me a bag of ground coffeee (unwrapped) and a heated stainless steel coffee mug which you plug into the cigarette lighter socket in your car. She'd already given the same gadget to another colleague some weeks ago and it sort of made sense as the latter at least commutes to work by car. Whereas I do not and in fact basically only use my car on weekends when I am well-fortified by my moring coffee and don't usually get caffeine withdrawal symptoms on the road. Never mind, it's the thought that counts. The real gem came when she told me she went to the trouble to order it for me as "you said you wanted one as well". Must have been one of those voices in her head.

Lunch-break purchases: Only groceries (am planning to bake a cake tonight) and a magazine (Jolie, very convenient handbag-compatible A5 size...). I'm wearing the trousers I bought yesterday, by the way.


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