Friday, February 03, 2006

cramping my style

Just in case you ever wondered why I comment on other (non-blogspot) blogs under the pseudonym of "retailtherapist" but always use the name of my blog, i.e. "one more handbag" as my identity on blogger - well, blogspot didn't let me officially call myself retailtherapist, nor retail therapist, nor retail_therapist &c because someone else had obviously been quicker. I wouldn't have minded "shopaholic" either but yet again, someone seems to have reserved that name back in 2002. And not have have written anything apart from test test. Believe you me, it's hard to be adressed as "Hi, handbag" by everyone apart from my dear 2.5 readers who, incidentally, are all either related to me or bribed with sexual favours or bling jewellery. Ah, well...
This morning, I received a parcel from which contained a book (belated birthday gift from English friend) with the title How to be a complete and utter failure in life, work and everything. 39 1/2 steps to lasting underachievement. Erm, do I really need a book to tell me how to underachieve? As far as I know that's my special field of expertise, no?

Last night I went to see The Constant Gardener with FCN. It was a really good and "intense" (sorry about that clichéd adjective) film, definitely not the kind you'd want to munch popcorn to. Both Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz were absolutely brilliant. Strangely enough, the constant-gardening motif was not actually explored in depth at all, it occured to me on the way home. As far as topic and subject matter are concerned it reminded me a bit of the Interpreter minus the somewhat annoying Nicole Kidman (not exactly my favourite actress) and with infinitely more impressive and shocking scenes shot in Africa.

Lunch-break-purchases: None, apart from bagels and tea/coffee for my favourite little cousin and myself. My dear cousin, known to commenters as "chiquita" (=the artist formerly known as "austrian chick") really stretched her student budget to get me things for my birthday which I love, being a bar of dark Valrhona chocolate and a divine Clinique eyeshadow-duo. I haven't mentioned this here yet, but I am very much an eyeshadow person and I think Clinique's are best. Mind you, I don't own nearly as many as Anne does...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

being a naturally nosey person I tried to go to the link of Anne but couldn't, now my curiosity is going to kill me, do you want that on your conscience, and what about your promised sexual favours, I don't remember receiving those either - so if you could just refresh my memory please ..... BoB

2/03/2006 03:57:00 PM  
Blogger onemorehandbag said...

BoB, the link has been fixed now (the "l" of "html" obviously went AWOL when I pasted it) so you can satisfy your curiosity now. I like to believe that chocolate-bribes are sufficient in your particular case so I'm afraid no x-rated lezzer-action on the horizon...

2/03/2006 04:10:00 PM  

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