Monday, August 07, 2023

Family Holiday

So, hopefully by the time this goes live I am at the seaside with the Mr. and his teenage sons. Not something I would have imagined 4 years ago, days before I met Highflyer (virtually at first). Back in the summer of 2019 I had half-heartedly given online-dating a chance after previous attempts that were mainly a waste of time and money. The last time I had been "in the market" online I had specifically specified in my profile that kids were a knock-out criteria. Well, that didn't work out too well, because apart from the fact that I might have missed many opportunities some men saw it as a challenge and wrote to me to find out why I "hated" children, which I never did. I just didn't feel like a) having to share my potential hot catch with anyone and b) didn't feel like being involved of complicated issues with the children's mothers. Over time I realised that the market share of eligible single men without children in my desired age range was pretty small. That I would end up with somebody who has three (3!) children from two (2!) different women was not really something I ever envisaged for myself and ten years ago or so I never would have crossed paths with Highflyer on the interweb. I get on really well with the kids who all seem to like me and it helps that I don't see myself as "stepmum", given the fact that they already have mothers and don't live with us, either. It's a great balance of (mostly) well-behaved kids and getting to experience Highflyer in Dad-mode (he's great at it) and having my husband for myself in our suburban bubble most of the time.


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