Monday, July 31, 2023

Back to the Roots

(All of) last week I was in my old hometown. First, there were team-building activities, after that it was workation by day and old routines and activities after work. Among them, going to the lake and watching a film at an open-air cinema that has been around since the summers of my school years. Some things have changed since my childhood days at both locations apart from more expensive ticket prices (e.g. no more softserve icecream at Standbad, alas, and more comfortable seats at the cinema) but overall it really feels like a trip down memory lane and cities like Vienna seem to have changed at a much more rapid pace than small towns like Klagenfurt. I still drive the car on metaphorical autopilot regardless of minor changes to roads or paid parking at many place and even though many shops or even shopping areas have long been replaced by others, I still know what to get where. It feel reassuring and comfortable in a way, but every time  I am also reminded why I chose to leave for the anonimity and more international flair of Vienna almost 33 (!) years ago now. Klagenfurt still remains a hot candidate for retirement, though, not only because of some "real estate options", but also because I know that some friends will do the same.


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