Monday, February 06, 2023

Long Term

Every time I am in Carinthia together with Highflyer like last weekend I am happy when he makes appreciative comments about something. In particular when my favourite Tyrolean, who used to think his native province was the only one where there are decent ski resorts tells me he approves of my favourite Carinthian ski resort. Needless to say our lakes are an added bonus. I mean, how can you not like them? Or, in other words, do you seriously think I could have married someone who hates them?
Why does his approval matter? Well, with the two of us having roots and family in the South and West of Austria respectively, but sharing a home in the East, where we also work, there's the issue of where we will eventually settle once we're retired (15-ish years to go, but still). While to me this is still very much in the distant future, hubby brings up this topic quite frequently and has already decided he wants to have a pet cat once he's retired, which my inner cat lady more than approves of. Regarding the location, Carinthia already scores higher than Tyrol as a retirement seat because of family-owned property in two diffent locations versus a rented apartment in Innsbruck. Despite this advantage being an acknowledged fact it's an added bonus to know that hubby actually also likes the sunny South.


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