Wednesday, August 05, 2015


One thing I love about French (and UK) magazines is the fact that their summer issues tend to come with nice collectible freebies. Near the place where we always stay when in Nice, there is a "Tabac/Presse" on the way to the beach and the lady there probably thinks we are a bunch of seriously strange foreign maniacs, judging from our daily perusal of cellophane-wrapped glossies. This year, we scored high-quality striped tops (Pablo by Gerad Darel) with Marie Claire magazine (tough decisions whether to get BOTH the sleeveless and short-sleeved one...), tank tops with BIBA and GRAZIA magazine and after hunting high and low and even enlisting the Empress's help (apparently her Breton village was better stocked last week) for the exclusive Isabel Marant t-shirt that came with last week's ELLE, we finally grabbed the last issues in Monaco on Saturday night. Reeesult. In previous years, I ended up with mangy polyester rags that I immediately gave away, but this year's offerings are all 100% cotton and nicely made, so if happen to be in France, join the treasure hunt!


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trendy handbags!!!

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