Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Giddy with Excitement

Today is my first day of 3 months off work. I am so beyond excited, you have no idea! Yesterday, as I was wrapping up various things and killing hous before it was an acceptable time to shoot off some e-mails and activate my out-of-office autoreply, I felt exactly as I did when I was at school and I had blissfully long summer holidays ahead. To be precise, it felt like that summer after graduating from high school when I also had full 3 months to look forward to before university started (normal summer school summer holidays are 2 months long). But even that summer was not quite as carefree as I was a little bit apprehensive what uni would bring and if I had made the right choice of subjects to take (I completely changed my plans about 3 times that summer). Later on, as a student, I would usually have exams to study for in autumn or (rarely, being a spoilt only child) a summer job that interrupted the sweet laziness. 
My manager, to whom I am very much grateful for so readily signing off my sabbatical, kept insisting that "you will come back a changed person, you will see", but to be honest I don't really have such BIG expectations at all. All I want to do is enjoy 3 whole months of no obligations, no work, no exams, nothing, but doing things I want to do with people I want to see, at a pace that suits me. Sure, I could wait until I am retired, but who know can promise me that I won't have some ailment that will prevent me from doing so. Why postpone if now feels right?
A digital detox is probably the best thing to do while I'm gone, but I am not sure if and to what extent I will be able to pull that off (sad internet addict, me), so you can expect to see the odd post here in addition to the usual weekly ones. Stay tuned.


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