Wednesday, July 08, 2015

So, How's the Book Coming Along?

Today I have been on vacation/sabbatical for one full week. It was the first time since my university days that I was in Vienna for so long without being at work. Very nice indeed. I got a lot done, met friends every day and managed to go swimming almost daily. My Russian teacher remarked yesterday that I looked so refreshed and relaxed, and this is exactly how I feel despite the heat we have been having. 
I have tried not to annoy (working) friends too much by rubbing it in every time we talk or meet just HOW awesome it is to be on this long holiday. However, they have found a way to (ever so slightly ) annoy me in turn by asking from day one "Sooo, how's that book of cours coming along?" or "How many pages have you written already?" I deliberately *announced* to pretty much everyone that I was planning to write a book (i.e. at least begin) when on my sabbatical. This is very contrary to my usual policy of not talking about projects before they are finished, just because I wanted to put a little pressure on myself this time. However, I never intended to stick to a rigid schedule and attack the keyboard from day one, but start whenever I feel like it and also make use of my time alone (I will be travelling solo for almost the entire month of September). 
In fact, I really enjoyed being away from my laptop a bit as it is after all something I associate with work. So. Book. Coming up, I promise, but at my time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for a proper blog post again ��

7/09/2015 12:15:00 PM  

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