Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mini Bucket-List

I've now completed 3 out of my 13 weeks out of the office and enjoyed every one of them. I already mentioned that my manager tried to convince me that I would come back "a changed person", which almost sounded as if I had to change a gazillion things about my life before being allowed to show my face again at the Firm. I have no such intentions, only a few plans (see my book project and yes, I have written 3 chapters so's a start). Let me list what I would *like* to do this summer, but what I definitely don't regard as a failure if it doesn't get done. In my book, outdoor activities take utmost priority and I am more than happy about the great weather (give or take a few thunderstorms) we have had:
1. Try SUP (done, but I want to do it again, hopefully with less shaky knees)
2. Finish some DIY projects (made 10+ bracelets last week, which gave me a great sense of accomplishment)
3. Look at my Russian language materials and revise before resuming my 1:1 course in October.
4. Check social media and e-mails less often (not very successful so far)
5. Don't obsess about a certain person too much (not that successful either and somewhat related to 4.)
6. Resist the urge to buy stacks of magazines for the lake and read some of my book backlog instead (not doing too badly on that front)
7. Switch this blog to a new template or new provider altogether (looked into it, but don't want to do it half-baked and am also afraid to f*** it up and lose the archive)


Blogger Culture & You said...

These too come in Bucket-lists!!!

8/10/2015 10:09:00 AM  

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