Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Don't Do Lists, But I Do Do Sheets...

I have mentioned several times before that I never write to-do lists. Neither do I track my expenses...which I probably should. However, whenever I plan a trip far away, be it on my own or with somebody else, I love creating a spreadsheet that I can share with my travel companion and parents, knowing they will be worried anyway. So for my upcoming trip to Australia and Japan (leaving next Friday, woohoo!) I have painstakingly added all relevant details into the spreadsheet you can see above (columns C-H have only been whitened out before I took a screen grab for privacy's sake). AND, what's more, I have even summed up costs for my many flights and hotel stays on a separate tab...which pretty much sums up my virtually absent Excel-skills.
It gives me immense pleasure to see at one glance where I will be when and what I have to look forward to.
Speaking of Google Sheets - I also have a sheet for addresses stored in the cloud so I don't need to carry an address book with me. When I worked at Coma HQ and had access to nice Zweckform address labels (psst!) I would occasionally even print out sticky labels so I just had to paste them onto my post cards. Genius, eh?
Well, I guess we can say safely that travelling to exotic places brings out the little nerd in me. Not ashamed!


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