Friday, April 03, 2015

That Old and Scruffy Thing...

I own about 40 belts. I wear about 3 of them, with the one in the picture above being my absolute favourite. It is a random silver (!) belt I bought at La Redoute years ago (when they still had an .at domain) and it is just that perfect length, has the perfect smooth leather, goes with pretty much anything (despite being silver) and does not show underneath tight tops. As you can clearly see, it has seen better days and looks worse for wear. I have tried to find a replacement, but this scruffy old thing is still my all-time favourite and I keep reaching for it.
This does not only apply to belts, I have underwear as well that is not the prettiest in the kingdom but still my favourite.
You could ask why I still keep those 37 other belts in my wardrobe. Well, you never know, right? Right?


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