Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shopping U.S.A.

Another post that you should go live as I am travelling, i.e. on my way back to Vienna. As I am writing this, I am in Athens, GA, where it is freezing cold and where it even snowed a bit. Fingers crossed that I won't get stuck at Atlanta airport tomorrow.
The main purpose of this short trip was to visit my friend, not to do sightseeing. Well, partly was, as I was supposed to accompany her husband on a business trip to Savannah, only that one got cancelled as the poor guy got stuck in Washington, DC due to a snow storm and only returned to Athens a day later. I didn't mind too much since Plan B for Sunday involved shopping. We made a trip to an outlet center nearby and even though there weren't too many exciting shops, the usual suspects were there (J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap) and there also was a Coach, where we agreed to meet again as it was on the edge of the center and close to our car. Well, predictably enough, I found something there. Or rather two somethings. I initially spotted this small cross-body bag with a cute pink pattern and since it was below USD 100 convinced myself I "needed" it:
After another round, I gave the more classic bags a closer look and settled on a black one in a smaller size than I usually carry (my chain of thought being: "smaller means less stuff I can put in, means friendlier to my back, means necessary"), that was not that much OVER USD 100 and hence also got adopted. I have already worn it twice here and am quite pleased with it:
I know, I know, I did so NOT need another bag, least of all two, but Coach is a brand that I only owned a small clutch of (that I never use, ahem) and have had my eyes on for a while. Like the Philipp Lim bag I got in Kazakhstan it is a brand you can't find in Austria, so entirely justified. Do you like my new American babes?


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