Thursday, February 19, 2015

In Shopping News...2 Highlights

It's not that I have stopped buying way more stuff than I actually need. Oh, no. It's rather that Instagram has become my most updated channel and due to my very frequent travelling (I am actually off to Atlanta the day this post goes live) simply don't have the time to regularly post about recent purchases. Here are 2 highlights, one of which I have already worn several times and one that has "spring" written all over it. The former is a pair of UGG boots that are not as "elephantesque" as the classic Uggs, but have a proper winter sole and are are water/snow repellant too. I really love them as they are not only incredibly warm and comfortable, but look decent with both trousers and skirts. I bought them on Zalando Lounge for a decent price.
On my recent business trip to London I added on an extra day and bought a few bits and pieces. My favourite is a cotton jumper with flamingoes from M&S. I think it is super cool and am looking forward to wearing it:

Here's a selfie from the changing room:
Let's see what my trip to the States yields, retail therapy wise. My friend mentioned a GAP outlet in her town...


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