Saturday, April 18, 2015

And What About the Bad Things?

As you know, I introduced my "Things that Made Me Happy Last Week" series at the beginning of this year and, personally, I find it a good reason to reflect on positive things, in particular when it wasn't that great a week. Which happens. Take this week. It's not officially over, but I have had my fair share of highs and lows. You'll read about the high points on Monday as usual, but let's highlight some low points if only to make you feel better if you think your week was not as picture perfect:
As I am writing this, my flat is still a mess. I am getting my yard-facing windows replaced and according to the guy from the installation company, "we'll be gone by 12". It is currently 3:30 p.m. and there have been some glitches. Shortly after some (Alessi) glass jars fell down (o.k., mental note, next time empty your kitchen completely), there was commotion and I smelled gas. Oh-oh. Right enough, one of the guys had drilled into a gas pipe, which runs right underneath the window frame. Not ideal. Apparently they had hit water and electricity as well in some of my neighbour's places, but a punctured gas pipe is not exactly what you want. The gas supply was switched off and a plumber called who arrived 2 hours later to weld the whole and fix everything provisionally for the weekend, assuring me everything was working as intended now and I don't live in danger of the whole place blowing up. Fingers crossed. Below is a picture of the gas men's equipment:
On Thursday night I went karting with the Austrian team. Or rather, I had planned to as I didn't survive the qualifying. The guy who gave us a pep talk before our turn had neglected to mention that you need to be careful where to reach as the cover of engine and exhaust can get boiling hot. I noticed as I tried to shoehorn myself into the car and innocently touched exactly some such hot spot with my right hand. Ouch! I immediately got a burn on my palm, which has now developed into a pretty blister:
Well, to be honest, I probably should not have joined that team event in the first place as I had fluey symptoms the day before, including a temperature. I am still feeling extremely congested to the point of finding it hard to breathe. I am beginning to suspect that I could be allergic to something (pollen?) after all, despite the fact that I always claim to be the only person on the face of the earth who is not allergic to anything. I will get it checked, but it is really the oddest "cold".
Gas pipe mishap aside my place is a major mess right now (have you ever got new windows installed? If so, you probably feel with me) and my plans for a nice Saturday afternoon have changed to one agenda item, CLEANING.


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