Monday, August 27, 2012

Give and Take

When you're reading this, I (hopefully) will be on my way to or in Vilnius. After several weeks of being "stationary" I will be on the road again a lot starting this week.

This weekend has been rather quiet (I'm writing this on Sunday afternoon, the highlight of which is going to be a visit to the cinema later tonight) and homey. On Friday night, the book club convened in very reduced formation chez moi and all 3 courses were something I had never tried before. Dessert - see pointless picture below (which contradicts what I just said: as I have of course made puffy-pastry and fruit salad before) - also consisted of a pretty amazing lemon, lime and peppermint sorbet, which was incredibly refreshing and the perfect dessert on a hot summer night:
As on most Saturday mornings, I really felt like baking and remembered this recipe for Cheesecake Brownies, which was not only super-easy to make, but turned out really well. Here's a picture of it, pre-oven:
...and here of the sliced finished brownies:
Mademoiselle was my guinea-pig and she claimed to like it. She came to my place for coffee and cake on Saturday afternoon and arrived laden down with gifts both from herself and the Australian, with whom she had recently travelled to Copenhagen. Just look at the pretty still life of souvenirs:
Some of the things are from Australia, others from Denmark. Have I mentioned before that I love my friends?


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