Monday, March 12, 2012

Say Goodbye to Cracked Fingertips

In the last few winters, the super-dry skin on my hands that I always get in the cold months was joined by another, far more unpleasant, phenomenon: tiny cracks/cuts in the tips of my fingers that didn't look like much, but truly hurt like hell when they came in touch with anything acidic or containing alcohol. I did research online and asked dermatologists (who shrugged and said that "those things just occur"...erm, right, so I noticed) what could have caused it, willing to take supplements to make up for a seasonal deficiency in whatever I might be lacking or to purchase some miracle salve. This winter I was determined to keep those nasty cuts at bay and ta-dah! managed to get through the winter cold without them. How did I manage to do that?

First of all, I made sure to wear (cashmere) gloves whenever I was out in the cold, making no exception for the brief distance to the next shop or subway station where I would have just put my finges into the pocket of my coatn sans gloves before. Also, I tried to rather let my phone ring than take off my gloves to answer it. Sounds simple enough, but it really made a difference.

Second, I covered my hands in a thick blob of Vaseline every night before going to bed and put on cotton gloves on top. I had tried that on and off in the past, too, but this time didn't wash the gloves as often, accepting greasy smudges on my bedlinen for the added benefit of soaked-through gloves that allowed me to wear them without extra Vaseline every other night. It worked like a treat and if you are a sufferer of cracked fingertips as well, I really recommed that you try this.


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