Monday, October 31, 2011

How to Get a Free (Turkish) Coffee in Sydney

On Sunday night, Mum and I had dinner at the foodcourt of Sydney's fancy Star. After checking out the different cuisines on offer, we settled for Mediterranean and my guess that the propriertor and his staff were Turkish was right when I overheard them talk in Turkish to each other. While I was waiting for my char-grilled lamb to be done (side note: Australians seem to eat a lot of lamb and I can understand why: it's delicous in all types of dishes I've tried it in so far) I got offered a tasty looking piece of gözleme and after I had eaten it, said that it was very good in Turkish. The man was quite surprised and asked me where I was from and where I had learnt. After a bit of small-talk (my rudimentary Turkish doesn't stretch any further) I sat down to tuck in. When we were almost finished, the proprietor turned up with two Turkish coffees on a tray. We were very moved and joked that we should hang around longer to get a free dessert as well. And it was good coffee, too: 
This is what I had - yum, yum. 
When we were leaving, I thanked him again and, scratching up my vocabulary,  promised we'd be back.

I suppose with Europe being so far away, people from the Old World get nostalgic when someone speaks two words their native language.


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