Friday, September 23, 2011


For some reason, I am as sentimental and nervous as I am excited. I'm trying to think back to the feelings I had when embarking on my Erasmus year (which was actually only 9 months) in Dublin, but I think excitement prevailed. Back then, I simply had less responsibilty and "contracts" in my life - no job, no flat where I lived on my own, no car, no plants to water and post to forward, and also much less stuff to pack.

Unlike now, my friends were not (for the greater part) married women with children, but travelling the world themselves. 9 months or a year was hardly a noteworthy period of time. Now, however, everyone seems to find 3 months very long and I was surprised with several thoughtful "farewell-gifts" that make it feel like an emigration of sorts.

In keeping with this sentimental mood, I tried to memorise what late summer/early autumn looks like in Austria by taking this picture of a garden-flowers bouquet put together by my father:
Next time I see the garden, it will be barren and possibly snow-covered. If it weren't for the "upside down" seasons in Australia, this would hardly be a noteworthy fact, but as it is, it feels really bizarre to depart into a metereological spring that feels like a summer.

Speaking of farewell-gifts, this is the booty:
(Guide) books, stickers, bookmarks and a Japanese lucky charm. I can't complain! Although I like all, I have to say that the Louis Vuitton "Sydney" travel notebook with pretty water-colours and a set of postcards was particularly impressive. And luxurious! Not that there was any doubt, but my friends rock!


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