Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ze French Shopping

Alors, le shopping. Let's start with the obligatory rear-view-picture.

Speaking of shopping, I also got GOODIES from MAF, brought all the way from Australia. I love the make-up bag and the Cadbury's koalas were really yummy: 
As every year, I could not resist buying something from La Droguerie, knowing full well that my purchases are destined for prolongued shelf-life until I actually decide to get started on a creative project: 

In general, I don't go into shops that exist in Austria as well, no matter whether there's a sale going on or not. I couldn't resist the handbag-themed t-shirt from ESPRIT for a mere 6 EUR at Galeries Lafayette though. Next to it, was a pair of comfortable chinos the same colour. And NO, I do not intend to wear the two together and look like Miss Piggy: 

I also bought two pairs of sandals, the left one from BATA (15 EUR!), the right from Galeries Lafayette. The photo was taken on the window sill in the room where I slept in Nice. The shutters were more or less only held together with good-will and I was afraid that they would decapitate someone on the streets every time I opened them.
I've already worn the shoes and the trousers and am very content with my purchases. I also bought a lovely blue cardigan from Sud Express, which I did not take a photo of, so you'll just have to trust me that it really is lovely and blue. Oh, and I also bought some stuff at Sephora. More about that soon.


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