Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pink Gorgeousness

I definitely consider myself the "urban" rather than the "rural" type and a lack of civilisation (read: shops) for a longer period of time makes me nervous, but there are certain things that I miss in Vienna where I live in a flat without a balcony or garden. My parents' garden is small, but beautiful and every now and again, such as yesterday, on my mother's birthday, my Dad plays florist and makes a pretty bouquet of flowers for the living room:

Peonies are my favourite flowers and I can't get enough of their smell (hence my long-term addiction to Stella McCartney's Stella in Two: Peony, which I only recently stopped wearing in favour of Voyage d'Hermès which I prefer at the moment. Peonies are definitely even more gorgeous in the garden than in the vase and pink ones are my favourites:
I wish there was a "smell" feature in Blogger...


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