Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hulk. Lush-Style

Lush remains fiercely popular with teens and twens all over the world (I dare you to type in "lush haul" into the YouTube searchbox if you don't believe me). Personally, I always have to sneeze whenever I walk past one of their stores and pity the staff who have to stand the strong smell(s) there all day. Last week, I passed by the Lush on Rotenturmstraße on my way to DM when I noticed a man with a green face-mask, sitting outside the store in sun-worshipper-pose: 
I'm not sure if he really was a customer and the lady in beige his partner, or whether he was in on some kind of ploy in order to attract customers. What he certainly did attract was photographers as I was not the only one snapping a picture.


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