Thursday, May 19, 2011

Le Shopping

Paris is simply superb for shopping, partly because you can find many brands that are not available to Austria. Our first stop on Saturday was to Printemps, where I  bought a similar pair of ? whatever the official fashion term for those kind of masculine slim suede brogues is. The empress owns a beautiful pair in caramel brown, but I was quite taken by the grey pair I ended up buying. I had wanted to buy a pair of such shoes for quite a while, but not seriously looked for it in Vienna. As these are obviously not ballet flats, which I own about 10 pairs of and always tend to gravitate towards in shoe stores, I felt utterly justified:

I also bought some stuff at Sephora and a white linen blouse from Uniqlo, where I got the bag you can see me holding in the picture below: 
As befits a girly weekend, we talked make-up and ended up swapping palettes. I got a two-tiered Bobby Brown palette and the Empress was happy to get a Chanel duo in exchange.

For lack of a sugar daddy we only stroked the LV bags we liked and salivated a bit in the big flagship store.


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